Commond Descent

The boys at Occident Global do what they want. They run a supreme ‘black box’ hedge fund, untouched by regulation or scrutiny of any kind. One weekend, at one of the company’s hedonistic countryside retreats, a neurotic young Occident Global analyst and his arrogant colleagues fall hostage to an enraged outsider.

To survive the weekend, the analyst must outmanoeuvre both his captor and his coworkers—and confront disturbing truths about what he does for a living. A taut and distressing thriller, Common Descent penetrates the fog of the global financial crisis and distills it into elemental human urges.

Infused with timeless themes of greed, guilt, and self-deception, it tackles the web of immoral and amoral forces behind a disaster that continues to shape our individual and collective fates.

In development
Ben Young
Supported by
Rotterdam Media Fund
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