Viral / transmedia project ‘Human Birdwings’ reaches over 9 million views
September 2012

Our fictional online storytelling project about a guy that flew like a bird reached over 9 million views already

In the past months we have been cooking an exciting fictional online storytelling project called Human Birdwings. To be precise, Human Birdwings was an online adventure and invention story in which fictional character Jarno Smeets developed wings in a do-it-yourself manner. The intention of this project was to share a personal, yet universal dream about flying like a bird.

The story of Jarno Smeets’ ambition and dream-come-true was distributed on online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a blog. With this, we aimed to make the audience part of an exciting experimental online storytelling format and had them participate by sharing their own ideas, dreams and solutions for building the wings.

This transmedia story was carefully crafted and build over a period of around eight months, creating the fictional character of Jarno, his backstory and the storylines leading to the final flight. We have been truly overwhelmed by the amount of positive reactions we got from all over the world, both on the original ideas of building the wings, the dream of flying as well as on the fact that in the end it is a fictional project.

The story of Jarno Smeets reached over 9 million people on Youtube and got over 25,000 reactions. The story of Jarno Smeets was covered by major media like BBC, Wired, Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Techcrunch, Discovery and many Dutch media. We stopped counting the amount of tweets about the project, but we’re talking tens of thousands. Even the Mythbusters shed their light on the matter.

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