A couple waits in an empty hotel in the Carpathian mountains. she suffers from a lingering illness. he helps her find her peace. left alone, he escapes reality and starts to wander. DRIFT explores his quest for salvation on a mythical journey through a barren Romanian wasteland. Fighting his memories, the drifting man chooses not to speak and to loose himself in an animal-like and primitive existence. His simple but painful rituals echo an ancient culture long forgotten. as the past reveals itself, insanity sets in. Slowly, he disappears as well.

‘Drift’ is an experimental feature film that has got interface with documentary as well as art performance. The way the filmmakers want to create this movie, deviates from the so-called classical procedure. After all, the creators have chosen to implement the same intuition of the character in the working method of the movie.

90 mins / 35mm & HD, developed and produced with the support of the Flemish Filmfund and Dutch Filmfund

Website: “www.driftthefilm.com”: http://driftthefilm.com/

Benny Vandendriessche
Peter Krüger / Inti Films
Raymond van der Kaaij / Revolver Media
Dirk Hendrikx, Lieve Meeussen
Carl Rottiers
Kris Dane
Supported by
Flemish Filmfund, Dutch Filmfund
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